Whenever there arises the need for quick turnaround soils feedback for any potential screw pile foundation system to be utilized on a project, Almita often recommends the services of CPT Services to our client base.  The soils information that is produced from a CPT Test is very valuable information that we can interpret and directly use for our design purposes. CPT Service's quick response and accurate information has helped us to successfully complete designs quickly and consequentially be awarded projects.
Richard Schmidt, P.Eng.
Engineering Manager,
Almita Piling Inc.

CPT Services provides specialized services ideal for dealing with soft and/or saturated soils where solid stem auger would be ineffectual, and hollow stem too time consuming to be cost efficient. Cone Penetration Testing is considered by many to be more accurate than alternative methods to determine soil consistency; the information is not only accurate but time efficient. The data provided is valuable not only in determining the soil consistency, but also in interpreting the stratigraphic layers through their data program. CPT Services is able to provide prompt, accurate service with a quick turnaround for a variety of types of projects, with customer service second to none.
Rhonda Mellafont, B.Sc., GIT
Branch Manager,
MIDLAND Geotechnical Ltd.

Our company has used CPT Services when we are required to provide soils testing and logs for foundation design in our new plant projects as well as plant upgrade projects. CPT Services has always accommodated our requirements in a very timely manner and at an economic advantage in comparison to other competitors. They have worked for us throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan providing us with the very indepth details we require. 


Our engineers have often commented on the information that CPT Services provides on their reports, and they have asked for references to use CPT Services on other projects outside our needs. Our helical pile contractors echo the same message. 


Glen has always been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to many years of continued service with CPT Services. Thanks for your commitment to quality and efficiency!  


John Sundberg

Project Manager

NuVision FHS